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Basic Service Rates:
In-shop Rate - $75.00/hr
On-site Rate - $85.00/hr
Formatting the hard drive and reloading your operating system.

CSR Computer Service and Repair Products & Services
CSR Computer Service and Repair specializes in computer services and computer networking. Some of my services include internet connectivity, virus removal and home networking, as well as giving superior service and expert repair. Whether it is on-site maintenance and repair, or installing a network based on your needs, I pledge that I will provide you with satisfactory service at a reasonable price ....Guaranteed!!!
Internal Cleaning
$ 65.00-75.00
$ 25.00
Removing dust and debris from the internal components of your computer. 

Virus Removal-Basic
Scanning your computer for viruses and removing them from your system.

Internet Connectivity/Email
$ 35.50/ 1/2HR
Evaluating & resolving your internet connection & any email issues.

Hardware Installation
Replacing failed hardware with new components. 
(cost of part not included)

15 Point Tune-up/diagnostic
$75.00 - 149.95
Checking 15 components in your system, cleaning of registry & defragmentation.

Virus Removal-Advanced
$ 80.00
Involves removing your hard drive from your system & placing it in a clean sweep machine to scan without windows processes running.  Data Back up will be performed and is recommended.

Prior to beginning service work, I will assess your system and give you a rough estimate of possible problems and price ranges for repair.

Please feel free to call with service-related inquiries
Basic Data Transfer/Back up
$ 45.00
Back up or Data Transfer under 100G.

Data Recovery/Drive
Recover data off of a corrupted hard drive where there is power to the drive and no sector damage, but simple data transfer is not attainable.

Data Recovery/Sector
Data recovery is attempted from a hard drive with sector damage but has power.  A more complex scan & recovery is required.  Data recovery rate is 50/50 using this method.  If no power to drive, hard drive will have to be sent offsite for attempted recovery - estimate of cost will be provided. 

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Custom Built System
Starting at $499
Custom Built Gaming System
Starting at $699
Starting at $399
Other Services:
Laptop Repair
Screen Replacement
Hard Drive Replacement
Fan Replacement and Cleaning
Ram Upgrades
AC Jack Replacement
Inverter Replacement
Format and Reinstall of OS 
CSR Computer Service and Repair services all makes and models of laptops. IFrom a simple cleanup to major hardware repairs...CSR does it all!
Parts for the above services vary from manufacturer depending on the make and model. 

Please contact us for a quote.
DVD/CD Repair